START with the Hidden WiKi

START with the Hidden WiKi

September 20, 2022 General

Start with The Hidden Wiki the best Dark WEB .onion Links Directory.



QTEZ is a blog about Dark Net Links only ONION links of the dark web.

Exploring the dark net is not that hard, navigating in the hidden netwoork of the .onion links is not scary, however, it is risky and you need to have guts because you might see offensive or terrifying sites. Even though, you can still find good clear web links but with the new v3 .onion urls.

IT IS Always ADVISED to check our DISCLAIMER First.

The Hidden Wiki

This is the most and the #1 links directory of the deep dark web. Just copy the link bellow into your torBrowser and click enter. And in just seconds you are now on the biggest onion links directory and the oldest one.


ENJOY exploring the hidden wiki directory and just watch, I recommend not buy or sell, or give info of any kind in any website you visit on the deep dark net.

DuckDuckGoONION : Search engine

We are all so familiar with well know privacy respect search engine : DuckDuckGo. However, this popular search engine can be also accessed through the .onion link.


It is better advised that you click on the last day option to load the recent .onion v3 links. see below.

So, have fun exploring the DARK WEB.


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