Should Switching to Linux or Not Short Thoughts 2023 and Beyond!

Even though Windows security may be better than it was before, it is still neither enough nor strong if compared to Linux!

Security and privacy, as well as better hardware resource management, are what make Linux superior to Windows! .

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Here are my thoughts on switching to Linux!


YES! Back in the day, Linux was only a command-line operating system. Linux has come a long way in terms of development and now has the best and most customizable GUI you may encounter! .

However, everyone should still learn some basic Linux commands to have better control over Linux and to feel like a pro.

The GUIs, also known as Desktop Environments (DEs), are as easy to use as Windows. The Linux GUI makes it easy for any Linux user—even beginners— to install and get up and running with the system very easily, with most apps being pre-installed as well.


Linux flavours or desktop environments

As we previously mentioned! Linux comes with various desktop environments! Each with its own GUI and customization, making the user experience widely better than the only and boring GUI that Windows has.

Those various desktop environments are GNOME, KDE, Cinnamon, XFCE, LXDE, and LXQt! Just don't be confused! Those desktops are very easy to use; everything is well organised, and you can find what you need easily.


Various OS, but based on one!

Linux can be named and distributed according to the community behind it. You know Linux is for the community, not a company-based OS like Windows. So anyone can redistribute and customise windows and give them a name or a distro.

The base OS of any Linux distro is Linux Debian—the oldest and most stale OS—and many other Linux distros are also based on UBUNTU, which is a fork of Debian too!


THE PURPOSE of a Linux Distro!

The mass of Linux distros depends on the purpose of what and how people can choose and use them.

LINUX MINT and MX LINUS were built as a complete out-of-the box LINUX OS DISTRO for beginners who switch from Windows to Linux! Linux LITE also sits in that category.

Tails and Whonix, both Linux distros, are made for maximum online privacy and security.

Kali Linux is in the category of hacking and penetration testing!

PLEASE DYOR and find out more about Linux Distros!



Ah, anyone who switches to Linux would say for better security and privacy! This is NOT A JOKE!.

EVEN those who test Linux and show off various Linux distros! THEY USE LINUX IN WINDOWS VIRTUAL MACHINES! .

Linux is way better than Windows in terms of security and privacy! However, we all would not ditch Windows for Linux because we are so familiar with Windows and Windows has all the apps we need. Even Linux has no powerful apps like Adobe! Besides, most games are easier to play on Windows than on Linux!

So ask yourself a question before switching to Linux! Will LINUX and its applications satisfy me as much as Windows?

I mean, if your daily habit on your computer can be performed with ease, just like on Windows, then I strongly suggest you move to Linux!

Otherwise, you may get frustrated and say Linux is bad and Windows is better!



I am a Windows guy, and I will never ditch Windows for any other OS! However, I do use Linux from time to time because I like it and I like to customise it.

I use Debian for learning Linux commands and in general! with XFCE Dektop! And I use WHONIX when I need privacy over the TOR Network!

For everything else WINDOWS is my daily driver!



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