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PIVX Governance

Be your own Bank!

MyPIVXWallet has no custody over your funds. You are in full ownership of your keys and your PIV.
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PIVX Proof of Stake (PoS)

Universal and Portable

You can generate cryptographically-secure addresses with your browser and hardware.
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PIVX Privacy

Don't trust, verify!

MyPIVXWallet is completely open-source, available on the PIVX Labs github.
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PIVX Bar Chart

For the community

MyPIVXWallet is built with love without any fees, privacy intrusions or advertising.
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New Wallet

Create a new PIVX wallet, offering the most secure backup & security methods.

Create a new
Vanity Wallet

Create a wallet with a custom prefix, this can take a long time!

Note: addresses will always start with: D

Access your
Ledger Wallet

Use your Ledger Hardware wallet with MPW's familiar interface.

Go to
My Wallet

Import a PIVX wallet using a Private Key, xpriv, or Seed Phrase.

Stake your PIV to generate rewards!
Coins that you Stake are "Locked" separately from your Available balance, and have a chance to generate rewards.
The more coins you stake, the more frequently you'll receive rewards.



Available: 0 PIV
Staking: 0 PIV
Staking Rewards


From this tab you can check the proposals and, if you have a masternode, be a part of the DAO and vote!


Contested Proposals

These are proposals that received an overwhelming amount of downvotes, making it likely spam or a highly contestable proposal.


Control your Masternode

From this tab you can create and access one or more masternodes


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