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Welcome to
My PIVX Wallet!

PIVX Governance

Be your own Bank!

MyPIVXWallet has no custody over your funds. You are in full ownership of your keys and your PIV.
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PIVX Proof of Stake (PoS)

Universal and Portable

You can generate cryptographically-secure addresses with your browser and hardware.
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PIVX Privacy

Don't trust, verify!

MyPIVXWallet is completely open-source, available on the PIVX Labs github.
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PIVX Bar Chart

For the community

MyPIVXWallet is built with love without any fees, privacy intrusions or advertising.
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Create a
New Wallet

This will create a new, random PIVX wallet that will contain no initial funds, you may transfer to-and-from this wallet with ease.

Create a new
Vanity Wallet


This will create a PIVX wallet with a customized prefix of your choosing, requiring more processing power to generate such addresses, it is recommended to generate a prefix of less than 6 characters, for example: "DAD" is a possible address prefix.

*Note: Generated addresses will automatically be preceded by the network prefix:

Access your
Hardware Wallet

This will help managing the PIVX wallet on your ledger. Notice that the private key will remain safe in your hardware device

Go to
My Wallet

This will import a PIVX wallet that you hold via it's private key, loading the address and pulling your existing balance, if any, from an explorer node.
*Note: MPW developers can NOT access your wallet, this wallet runs purely in YOUR browser using JavaScript.

New Feature!
Please be aware MPW Cold Staking is a new, slightly experimental feature, it may be unstable, and is currently slow. Please have patience when using this feature, and wait for block confirmations before actions and balances are shown on-screen.



Available: 0 PIV
Staking: 0 PIV
Staking Rewards


From this tab you can check the proposals and, if you have a masternode, be a part of the DAO and vote!

Name Payment Votes Vote

Control your Masternode

From this tab you can create and access one or more masternodes


Last Seen

Create a

Please AVOID sending to Shielded addresses using this wallet - this functionality is currently unsupported.

Create Simple Transactions

Manual Transactions