AI-Generated Images are increasing as various models being developed and employed to serve those that are eagor to digital art. Even thuogh still almost non of them is really good enough in adding words to the generated image.

CilpDrop SDXL v1

Clip Drop free subscription with its well known AI-Model Stable Defusion XL v1 — I managed to generate only those two almost close to my thought images. I took me tens of trials!.

PIVX vector art by PIVianX Clip Drop SDXLPIVX vector art by PIVianX Clip Drop SDXL

The PROMPT I used in CLIPDROP was as bellow!


[pivx], vector art, isolated on white background, 4k

Negative PROMPT

blurry, watermark text, deformity

What is PIVX?!

PIVX i a privacy coin a — privacy centric cryptocurrency blockchain — that gives the — security and privacy of people financial data — a priority!.

— PIVX MISSION is Liberty and Efficiency through Cryptocurrency!.

— PIVX VISION is to become a leading cryptocurrency that Empowers, Protects and Delights those it touches!.

— PIVX VALUES are Freedom at your Choce and You are in Control of your Funds!.

PIVX Website

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