DATA Privacy Day 2023

Data Privacy Day also known as Data Protection Day, is set annually on JAN 28th. which is to raise awareness about DATA PRIVACY.

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What is Data Privacy Day?

Data Privacy Day is a day designed to raise awareness of the importance of safeguarding information and improving data protection processes.

Data Privacy Day is an international initiative that occurs every year on the 28th of January to promote data protection best practices and raise awareness of the importance of data privacy for both home people and businesses.

Importance of Data Privacy

Data Privacy Day encourages individuals to ‘Own Your Privacy’ by learning more about how to protect valuable data online, and the  businesses are encouraged to ‘Respect Privacy’ by safeguarding consumer data and securing it from unauthorised access.

DATA Privacy or DATA Protection includes any information that relates to you identity, and reveals your online activity log besides your financial data and any transactions you ever made.

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Financial DATA Privacy and Protection

In today's financial system revelations we have traditional governmental financial system and the cryptocurrency world which is being represented as an alternative to the traditional centralized system.

However, not all cryptocurrencies are the same in preserving DATA Privacy while making the transactions.

BITCOIN is never fully private it is only a pseudonymous. But, regarding full mandatory privacy we should consider MONERO.

What about Privacy Coins?

In that regards, there are many privacy coins that claim to maintain privacy, and MONERO is the king. However, in this article I will focus shortly on PIVX.

PIVX - Private Instant Verified Transaction - is a fork of DASH and has many features of the privacy features of DASH and also integrated a revolutionary algorithm - zkSNARKs, or Zero-Knowledge Protocol - from another privacy coin ZCASH.

WHAT makes PIVX unique regarding user financial data privacy.

PIVX implements zkSNARKs on a decentralized proof of stake blockchain, this method generates SHIELDED address that conceals and completely hides all transaction data that includes sender, receiver and amount.

MY thoughts and Conclusion

PTIVACY is a Human Right that is Not Negotiable and We should Own OUR Privacy back.


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